Do you believe in karma? Lots of ways to describe the phenomenon. “What goes around comes around”, “No good deed goes unpunished”, “You get back what you give”, etc. Basically, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, especially if you have it coming.

So, let’s talk about our economic stimulus. The money that all of us poor folks got to help us recover from the pandemic. I am aware that many of my wealthy friends made too much money to get any help from our government, which is a shame, but it does give them something to gripe about for the next decade.

Anyway, just when you think you get a little money ahead, things go off the rails. In our case it was first the washing machine. It decided that since we had a little money put back it was time for the bearing to go out of the drum, cost $1,189. Next it was the sump pump in the basement. Upon inspection, I believe the last time it was replaced was immediately after they ran electricity to Missouri, cost TBA (ordered the part from Amazon and of course it didn’t work so we had to return it). Next garage door opener, turned out to not be a big deal, a bolt fell out and the owner of the home was too dense to realize that was the problem, cost $40 (Thank goodness for home town repairman). Finally, our air conditioner was making a funny noise, not funny ha, ha, funny as it sounds like an approaching aircraft, cost TBA, haven’t gotten the bill yet but I am sure that it will be equal to or greater than the sump pump. A side note about the sump pump. About a month ago, we heard a sound like a jackhammer being run inside the walls of our house. It didn’t happen continually, but it was frequent enough that we were sure we had structural damage. Laying in bed, my wife and I discussed this disturbing noise and decided it must be the sump pump in the basement. We immediately called our plumber/electrician/great guy, to come and inspect the culprit and as indicated above, found that the sump pump obviously had not been inspected since the first “Great War”. Okay, that is not really the irony. After a few days without the old sump pump in place I heard the exact same noise. I knew then it couldn’t be the sump pump, as we had removed said machine. What could be making this noise? Then I saw it, it was a Redheaded Woodpecker pummeling our wooden shingles. Oh my gosh, I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my ears, this winged pneumatic drill was having a heyday on our roof. Little did I know that this little pecker could make such a ruckus. Oh well, I guess we needed to replace the sump pump anyway.

Next on our spending agenda is “de-winterizing” our RV. It has been sitting for five months and has endured temperatures of 21 degrees below zero. God only knows what the cost will be to get it back on the road again.

Coincidence? I think not!

So, as middle class Americans I believe we did our part in putting the stimulus money back into the economy. I feel so patriotic… Good to know that my “Karma” is alive and well. Have a wonderful week and may all your Karma be good.


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Retired Educator! Farmer, Musician, Principal, Superintendent, and University Professor. Research areas of School Law, Child Safety, Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Special Education Law.

One thought on “Karma

  1. It’s true! We discovered there’s some sort of communication between the computer and the car. If the computer gets a virus, the car loses a battery. If the car loses a belt, the computer loses all your information. It’s uncanny.


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