Thursday! One Year Later (click here)

Yes, one year ago today they announced that we were “officially” in a pandemic. Who would have thought that we would lose 525,000+ people in one very long year? Hopefully, we will never see this kind of catastrophe ever again (even though, the scientist say this could be just the beginning, but what do they know, we haven’t paid any attention to them anyway). I read this morning that 40% of all people in the U.S. now have some type of immunity to COVID-19. That includes those that have gotten at least one shot and those that have actually had the disease. By these numbers, the “herd” could get immunity before the end of the year. I know that after having both my shots and waiting two weeks, I feel like I can go outside and play again. Hopefully, some of my old friends can come out and play soon. Ironic that I get to say those words 60 years after my last official playground experience.

Today was my third day back at the “gym”. It is never a pleasant experience going back after an absence of nearly a year. It is a little like trying to start an old diesel motor that the fuel has gelled. It will turn over once or twice, but any hope of getting it to run is a lost cause. That being said, I did make it a half hour on the tread mill and lifted a few free weights before realizing that I better get home and make sure my refrigerator was still running.

Watching all of the young people at the gym is a true inspiration. I am inspired to tell them what they have to look forward to in 50 years. I don’t do this because somethings are better left for them to discover on their own. They are just a few decades away from looking forward to going to the gym, not to work out, but to finding people their own age to visit with. On a good day I can find someone to talk with that will take up at least 45 minutes of my 60 minute work out. When I get home my wife asks me how I can stay at the gym so long, and I inform her that it is all about my athletic abilities and amazing stamina (not to worry, she believes me about as much as you do).

Living back in Missouri is a real shock to the system some days. Tuesday and Wednesday of this week the temperature was in the mid to upper 70’s. Albeit, the wind was blowing about 50 mph, the temp was good enough to get outside, do some yard work, play 9 holes of golf (thank God I was alone, it was not a pretty sight), trim our roses back, open up the RV and put the slides out to make sure everything is still working. Then this morning, I woke up to 30 degrees. The wind wasn’t quite as bad, but what a drastic change from two days ago. According to our weather app, we won’t get back into the 60’s for at least a week. I guess when you wear sweats 6 out of 7 days what difference does the weather make. I just change from a windbreaker to a hoodie when I go outside.

The real problem with writing a blog, knowing that my English Teacher friends are watching.

HEADLINE: Mexico is making recreational marijuana legal. I guess they figured for as much as they grown, might as well make it get some tax dollars from it. I wonder if this is going to lower the price of weed when it is imported into the U.S? I think maybe I have watched too many episodes of “NARCOS” on Netflix.

Have a great week. Thanks for listening to my rantings, hopefully, I will find something more interesting to write about in the near future.

Oh well…

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