TGIF – Another Week In Paradise! (Click here)

Some days are like that!

Happy March! Have you noticed that March Madness has taken on a whole new meaning? Rather than basketball, we now just watch our legislators! The COVID-19 stimulus has taken on a life of it’s own. I read that they are lowering the amount of money you can make before getting a stimulus check. Before long the only people that will get the check are those that need it (that may be an exaggeration). Seriously, I think they need to eliminate everything in that bill that does not go directly to the following: 1. Providing COVID-19 vaccinations 2. Help for PUBLIC schools to open back up safely 3. Stimulus checks for those people that are drawing unemployment as a result of losing their jobs in 2020/2021 4. Stimulus checks for parents where one spouse has had to quit his/her job to stay home with the children (not quite sure how that could be accomplished, but they should try). I believe one of the main problems with our legislative process is the ability for them to “tack” extra items on to a bill. We need for our “MENSA” members (that obviously is sarcasm) in congress to focus and stay on task.

Don’t you just want to sometimes?

We are experiencing another cultural phenomenon. It is called a lack of customer service and more specifically a shortage of manners. I guess being a product of corporal punishment has given me a different outlook on life. Without going into detail about what would happen to me if I didn’t use proper manners, let’s just suffice to say that if I didn’t say please and thank you there were consequences starting with the depravation of whatever I was asking for. I realize that many fast food workers and other people in the “service” industries are not making a six figure income, however, that does not excuse them not being polite. If you go a store and spend money, shouldn’t you expect for them to say “thank you for your business”, or how about opening the door for someone, or saying “yes sir” or “yes ma’am”? When was the last time someone said “we are glad you are here” or “come back”? We might as well be waiting for a response in Swahili. Anyway, I just want to “Whack a Whippersnapper” and tell them to treat others like they want to be treated.

Probably inappropriate, but funny!

Time to break up the content of today’s blog. I am reminded of something my Dad used to say, “Quit your Bitchin”. So on to other things.

Since moving back to the Midwest life has gone from 70 mph to about 5 mph. We live in a wonderful small town with only about 1500 people. About everyone here is related to each other in one way or another. If you visit long enough you will find that somewhere in everyone’s family tree there is someone who went to school with someone you used to know and that person was once married to an uncle on your mother’s side of the family. Those conversations happen daily. When you finally make a connection with that person you have a the same sense of satisfaction you get when finishing a hard crossword puzzle. Life here is great and everyone for the most part is very cordial. This is going to be a great weekend for us. For the first time in over a year we are going to go to church in person! Finally, we get to listen to our wonderful pastor face to face rather than on Facebook or YouTube. I’m kind of excited to actually put clothes on and go out. After church we are going to my wife’s mom’s house for a Sunday Taco Bar. It will be great to get together with our fully vaccinated family. Church will still require us to wear masks, but that is really no big deal as most of us look the same anyway.

That is all I have for this beautiful Friday. I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.

Try not to be so tense!

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