HUMP DAY plus ONE (click here)

Is that the look we have when we go out in public?

Kind of a rough way to look at the world right now, but it may be closer to reality than we would like to believe. Many states are beginning to open up their restaurants, bars, tattoo parlors (oh yeah, they never closed), bowling alleys, etc. Every one is trying to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Texas is lifting the restrictions on everything, no masks, no limits, it is going back to business as usual (or how usual used to be). Is it really safe to do that now? Are we, as a nation, ready to begin rubbing elbows with the rest of humanity again? The scientist and medical experts say “nope” we are rushing the process. They say that until we have at least 70% of our population immunized we will not achieve “herd” immunity. So I guess the picture above is not all that out of line.

I have to admit, that since I got my second COVID-19 shot I have been a little more “cavalier” in my behavior out in public. I have gone into small places with a few people and have been “unmasked” (feels like exposing the identity of the Lone Ranger). Living in a very small community lends itself to being careless, and believing that the happenings of the world are not happening here. All of this is true until it dawns on you that over 500,000 people in the United States have died as a result of COVID-19. What a sobering thought! If you take the little county in which we live, about 5,000 people total, that would be our entire county being wiped out 100 times. Oh my gosh, what a truly horrific thought. In another view, that is the equivalent of the entire city of Atlanta being decimated to not one person.

Locally we have lost a number of our residents. We have chalked their demise off to old age, underlying medical conditions, or just bad luck. I guess we have an internal instinct that enables us to justify almost anything. I think we all need to endorse the words of the Watch Commander on Hill Street Blues:

“Be Careful Out There Today”
Pretty much sums up the last year and 2 months

Forgot to post this yesterday, so I will add a few memes and post it today. Have a Happy Thursday (if there is such a thing).


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3 thoughts on “HUMP DAY plus ONE (click here)

  1. That last post about “humor and laughing”, I would say you and I have experienced that several times-reminds me of the day when you asked me if I wanted a lawyer🙈🙈😱😱!!


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