Boy am I relieved! (Click here)

The news is all in a tizzy! Lady Gaga has recovered her dogs! The press doesn’t really mention the poor dog walker who got shot, but it is a headline that Gaga got her Bulldogs back. Something wrong with this mentality, don’t you think? Anyway, it is Sunday, above freezing and it looks like the sun may shine. What a wonderful change from 21 below zero 10 days ago. We are one day closer to spring, golf courses, green grass and planting flowers and maybe even a few trees. I can’t believe I’m at the stage in my life where I look forward to planting things in the ground. I resemble that commercial where they are trying to keep you from becoming your parents.

As you can see, I have changed the format of my blog page. I found that it is hard enough for me to keep one page going, much less 4. I have melded everything into one page, my thoughts, family, humor and inane rantings all right here in one spot.

I can completely endorse this philosophy!
Wish they would have had UBER when I was in college

By the way, have I mentioned my grandsons?

Aren’t they the best looking little guys you ever saw (This is rhetorical of course, the answer is obvious)

Not a lot to tell you on this Sunday morning, but if anything comes to mind, I will be back!


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