The Beginning (click here)

I have found starting a blog is harder than I imagined. The ideas I want to share seem irrelevant. What do I want to write, will it make sense, is my grammar good enough to take on such as task, do I write about personal experiences, or reflect on the experiences of others?

I guess the best solution is just telling my readers something about myself. I grew up in a small farming community in Northwest Missouri. My father was a High School Basketball Coach, History Teacher, Principal and Farmer. My mother was a Dietitian, Home Economics Teacher, Chemistry Teacher and later in life a University Professor. I have two siblings, one brother seven years my senior and one sister five years older. My brother was a commodities trader and unfortunately a very heavy drug user (more about that in the future). My sister is a dietitian, teacher, professor and very talented painter and musician. My father died at the age of 80 in 1999 and my mother passed away in May 2013 at the age of 91. My brother died in the fall of 2013 at the age of 68. My sister is still thriving and living in Southwest Georgia with her husband. Following the family tradition, I helped my Dad on the farm during my Jr. High and High School years, and later become a Band Director, High School Principal, School Superintendent, then after retirement from public education (31 years), I became a University Professor in South Carolina (10 years). I retired in 2015 and moved back to my home town area in August 2019.


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Retired Educator! Farmer, Musician, Principal, Superintendent, and University Professor. Research areas of School Law, Child Safety, Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Special Education Law.

9 thoughts on “The Beginning (click here)

  1. Good morning Mr Mitchell!!! Looking forward to your words of wisdom. I enjoy your writing, it’s like we’re having a conversation, can’t wait to read more!!! Have a good day!!!


  2. Good luck, Mark. I plan to be following your blog. I may not comment or reply all the time but rest assured, I will be reading your stuff.


  3. You have so many followers who love and respect you. I predict your new venture will be a huge success. Looking forward to your posts.


  4. Great idea, Mark! Like Snake, I may only comment sparingly, but, rest assured, I will be a loyal follower! (What else do I have to do?) 😊


  5. You forgot to mention that you are and have been a wonderful mentor. 😀 I’ll be following. I will look forward to reading your thoughts and stories.


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